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Lordstown Local Schools Welcomes New Staff for 2015-2016 School Year

Lordstown Local Schools begins the year with new staff members. New staff were included in the annual Lordstown Schools Community Newsletter with the exception of some that came aboard just before the beginning of school. Mr. Colucci and Mrs. Morgan where hired just after the publication deadline for the newsletter. We welcome them to Lordstown and want to share their backgrounds with the school community. We also encourage everyone to visit the Lordstown Schools website ( ault/files/documents /Lordstown%20Schools%20Community%20Newsletter.pdf) to read about our other new staff and much more in the annual newsletter.

Joining our Social Studies staff is Mr. Phil Colucci. Mr. Colucci is a 2003 graduate of Mineral Ridge High School.  He attended YSU where he majored in History and Education. He was also the team captain for YSU's Men's Ice Hockey team.  In his spare time he enjoys golfing, boating, and spending time with friends and family.  He loves traveling and enjoys exploring new places, cultures, and foods as much as possible.  He has always wanted to be an educator and couldn't be happier to be in Lordstown.  He looks forward to each day in the classroom and making a positive impact on the lives of the student body at Lordstown.

Mrs. Morgan is a graduate of Maplewood High School and the University of Akron.  Her bachelor's degree is in chemical engineering with a biotechnology specialization.  She ran track and cross country at both Maplewood and the University of Akron.  Prior to coming to Lordstown Schools, she worked for OMNOVA Solutions as a process development engineer.  While there she gained valuable real-world experience that she hopes to use in the classroom to guide interested students to careers in STEM fields.  She is married and has a 10 month old daughter named Mya. In her spare time she loves to run and play with her daughter.

New Staff

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