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Information Regarding New Cafeteria Computerized POS Lunch System



Starts Tuesday, September 8th


Q:     What is this?

A:     It is a new computerized debiting system that allows parents to pay for student lunches in advance in essence giving your child an electronic lunch ticket.

Q:     How does it work?

A:     Quite easily in fact. You can pay for as many lunches in advance for your child. These funds will be deposited into a debit account for your child to use at lunchtime.

Q:     How does my child use his account?

A:     Computer terminals/registers have been installed in each school’s cafeterias. When your child selects his or her lunch, he puts in his or her school supplied PIN # into a key pad right at the terminal. His or her name comes up with a balance amount available. The cashier enters what has been purchased and the program automatically subtracts and computes the new balance for the following day. The PIN #’s and guidance on the system were sent home this past week.

Q:     My child receives lunch at a “reduced rate”. Does the system know?

A:     Yes, all information regarding students receiving free or reduced lunches had been downloaded into the system and accounts will be handled the same as others. Students will need to enter their PIN #’s just like everyone else which helps to insure they are not singled out in any way. Only the cashier knows who are receiving federally subsidized lunches.

Q:     Were school operating funds used to purchase this system?

A:     No. The cafeteria has been managed in an efficient manner including moving all high school students to one lunch and maximizing the use of the federal food commodities program. The cafeteria fund were the only funds used to purchase this program.


Q:     What happens when my account runs low?

A:     The cashier will give your child a printed PrePay envelope. Simply return it to school with a new check to be deposited to the account or cash can be paid by the student to bring the account up to date.

Q:     Does my child have to use this system?

A:     No, it is strictly up to you. Your child can pay cash at the register each day. The system has been installed as a convenience for children who no longer will have to tote money to school each day and lose all or part of it. It reduces the hassle for parents to remember to give kids their lunch money each day as well.

Q:     What happens if my child’s account has no balance and we have forgotten to send in a check to replenish the account?

A:     The Administration has decided that students may have limited charges listed on their accounts at any one time. So the cashier will register the day’s lunch as a “charge” and when the check  is remembered and deposited the next day, the system will deduct the charge as well as that day’s lunch.

Q:     What happens if someone else uses my child’s PIN number?

A:     Students may use only their assigned numbers. Using someone else’s or trying to randomly generate a number is considered theft and dealt with according to School and District Policies and Procedures.


Q:     What if my child brings home another PrePay envelope but I think it is too early to see one?

A:     The system can recall any transaction for any time period during the school year. If you are curious, just contact the school and we can check. 

Q:     So, do I as a parent have any control over what my child purchases?

A:     Yes, you have some control. You can indicate if you want a deposit for “cash on account” which gives freedom to your child to use the account for lunches, extra milk, entrees, etc.. Your student’s screen will flag the cashier when the PIN # is entered. You can even tell us to flag “NO SNACKS ALLOWED” on your child’s account.


Q:     What if I move and have money in the system?

A:     You may request a refund.

Q:     What happens at the end of the school year?

A:     Funds in the system can be rolled over to the next year except in grades advancing to another school. in this case the funds will be transferred to the new school.


Thank you for your patience as we move to this program. Cafeteria Point of Sale Systems have become the norm in schools across Ohio and the United States.

We look forward to making this improvement to our schools in Lordstown!

Lordstown Schools Community Newsletter 2015-2016

Message from Superintendent Armstrong

August 21, 2015

We wanted to thank all of the students and their families for coming out to the Elementary and High School Open House yesterday as well as the Fall Sports Meet the Team night. It was great to see everyone as we look forward to welcoming everyone back to school this Monday!

We also wanted to let the community know safety checks were performed at both buildings of the Lordstown School Complex today. This was due to the discovery of a bullet in the Elementary School parking lot. School staff and administration, in cooperation with the Lordstown Village Police Department, did checks of both buildings to assure the safety of our students and staff. No additional issues or evidence of any problems were found and we are all clear for the opening of school Monday morning.

Thank you for your time and we look forward an exciting 2015-2016 school year.


Terry Armstrong, Superintendent
Lordstown Local Schools

Back to School Events

August 17:  Grade 7 and new student orientation at 10 AM and 2 PM

August 18 & 19:  Schedule pick ups for all high school students at High School Office

August 20:  Open House (High School from 3-4:30; Elem from 5 - 6:30)

August 20:  Meet the Fall Sports Team night at 7 PM in High School Gym

Apple Cider 5K Registration Information

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Notice of Change to August Board Meeting

The Lordstown Local Board of Education has changed its meeting date for the regular August Board Meeting. The work session will begin at 6:00 P.M. on Monday, August 10, 2015 with the
regular meeting immediately following in the High School Media Center.

Lordstown Spotlight Yearbook Fundraiser

Take this flyer to the Five Below store located at 2102 Niles-Cortland Road on August 7-9 and 10% of your pre-tax purchase will be donated to the Lordstown Spotlight Yearbook!

Special Board Meetings

The Lordstown Local Board of Education will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 7:00 A.M. in the Lordstown Board of Education offices for the purpose of approving the final Appropriations for FY 2015.


The Lordstown Local Board of Education will hold a special meeting on Thursday, July 2, 2015 at 7:00 A.M. in the Lordstown Board of Education offices to hire personnel.

June Board Meeting

The June Board Meeting will be on June 24, 2015 at 6:00 PM.

June Board Meeting

The June Board Meeting will be held on June 24, 2015 at 6:00 PM.


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